The Private Pilot Certification Course allows the pilot to use an airplane for his/her pleasure, recreation, or business trips. As a Private Pilot you may not charge for your services. However, you may share the expenses of renting or operating an airplane with your passengers on a share-and-share alike basis.
Once certified as a Private Pilot certain easy currency requirements come into effect. Every 90 days you must have done 3 take-offs and 3 landings in order to carry passengers. In addition to the 90 day rule, every pilot must attend a required “recurrent training” every 2 years. For the Private Pilot, a medical exam is required every 2-5 years dependent upon their age.
The Private Pilot Course offered by Jefferson City Flying Service could be completed in as little as 60 days. On the average and at a leisurely pace expect to complete this program in 5 months. However, there is no time restriction as to how long a student takes to complete their training. Your training is setup to whatever best fits your schedule and financing.
We have priced this course using 40hrs as the standard. (30 hours dual instruction and 10 hours solo). The following price list contains all minimum costs for pilots license, including costs (FAA Doctor, written test, & FAA checkride) not paid directly to Jefferson City Flying Service. The average time it takes to complete the course is approximately 45-60 hours.
40 HOURS PIPER PA-28 (WARRIOR) AT $130.00 PER FLIGHT HOUR    $5,200.00
30 HOURS OF FLIGHT INSTRUCTION TIME AT $55.00                $1,650.00
JEPPESEN PRIVATE PILOT KIT                                                               $298.00
WRITTEN TEST FEE (Paid to the testing center)                                    $150.00
MEDICAL EXAMINATION (Paid to the Doctor, “average”)                       $170.00
FINAL FLIGHT TEST FEE (Paid to FAA Examiner available here)             $450.00
                                                                                 TOTAL                     $7,918.00
*Sales tax is charged for airplane rental and material only which is not figured in the cost.
*Payments can be made “as you go” with cash, check, or credit card. You can pay in advance and
 have each flight deducted from an account. Average lessons are approximately 1.5 hours.